My Family

Seshadri Children

Me with my sisters

The Seshadri Family

Myself, Priyanka, my mother, Menaka, and my dad

Like almost everyone, I owe a lot to my family for my upbringing, education, care, and love. I grew up with both of my mother's parents, my mother and father, older sister Priyanka, younger sister Menaka.

My father is a computer analyst at the Indiana Regional Medical Center, and is responsible for sparking any interest I had in computers. Whether it was buying me all the JumpStart games from first through fifth grade when I was in Kindergarden, or enrolling me for distance education Java lessons, he definitely opened my eyes to the computers. And I loved it.

My mother is a pediatric cardiologist who has her own private practice, Vijaya G. Seshadri, PC, and also works for four hospitals. Not only did she do for me everything that I would expect from a mom, but she was also my first employer; she was the first to teach me how to manage time and money.

My older sister, Priyanka, is a sophomore in her undergraduate study at Northwestern University. She is currently working towards a degree in cognitive science, and plans on pursuing a career in medicine. As my classmate, sister, and friend, I couldn't even begin to list all of the memories we've shared in the past.

Menaka, the youngest child of our family, is a high schooler at Franklin Regional Senior High. She, for as long as I can remember, has been interested in animals. Not only has she attended a couple camps on veterinary training, but she convinced our ever-so-stubborn parents to adopt two kittens.