Work: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

The PSC's supercomputer named "Bigben."

Between June of 2008 and the January of 2010, I was a student developer at the PSC. I began working for the supercomputing center during the summer after my senior year in high school, and have been a year-round (mostly part-time) employee since then. From my work at the PSC, I have picked up many technical skills (such as C, MPI, PHP, SQL, etc.) and have had the opportunity to co-author a published program guide and help teach a high school course known as CompEx.

The first project I completed at the PSC was, in fact, the CompEx educational module. Since then, I've picked up PHP working on some internal projects, and have most recently been developing an online web directory using PHP and Postgres SQL to manage company records.