Sri Venkateswara Temple

SV Temple Camp

My friends and I at Temple Camp

The SV Temple has been a big part of my life since before I started going to school. Not only have we been relatively religious for all of my life, but my family has met so many people, and personally I've met many of close friends, through SV Temple activities.

From an early age, I started acting in multi-cultural skits (in a variety of languages) at the Temple to get involved with the community. Not long after, I started going to one of the most anticipated events sponsored by our Temple: the SV Temple Youth Camp. Although the camp is first and foremost a religious experience for Hindu children, some of my most enjoyable childhood memories with my friends took place during the camp. Then, in ninth grade, I joined a student body group at the Temple known as the Indian Youth Organization (IYO). At IYO, we were able to raise money for charitable events, such as the CRY foundation and Tsunami relief efforts, by hosting regular car washes, food sales, and other fund raisers. IYO taught me not only the importance of giving in a community, but also introduced me to many other youth in the area who came from the same background as I did.