Project: Projectile Launch Simulator

Projectile Launch Simulator Screenshot

The introductory programming course offered at my high school was, when I was a freshman, taught in Visual Basic. This was a language I wasn't used to, but happened to be rather easy to pick up. After I got a grasp of the language, I decided to do something a little more involved: build a application which would simulate a projectile launch.

Since I was taking an introductory level physics course which taught the basics of Newtonian physics, I was prepared with all of the mathematics which governed ideal projectile motion (no air resistance, constant gravity, etc.).

When I finally finished the project itself, I added a finishing touch by creating a personal icon for the executable and compiled it into my first, decent, standalone Windows Executable: ProjectileMotion.exe. Don't worry if you don't feel comfortable running executables off of the internet, neither would I. Just fill out the form below and I'll send you the source as soon as I can.

Since then, I've touched up the project to make it a bit more user friendly, but unfortunately now I don't even have a Visual Basic 6 environment with which to edit the file. That's OK, I trust Newton.

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