Work: Kumon Learning Center

I began working for Kumon Learning Center, an academic tutoring company that focuses on math and reading, in January of 2005 (as a freshman in high school). My experience at Kumon served for me as an introduction to the professional world; working as a medical transcriptionist for my mother (a practicing physician) didn't have the same formality. I had considered Kumon because I always wanted to teach math and, since my younger sister was in the Kumon program, my parents would be able to coordinate dropping me at work with my sister's classes.

I worked for the Kumon Learning Center for almost a year and a half, during which time I learned the importance of punctuality and gained professional responsibility needed in the modern workplace. Work at Kumon consisted mainly of grading pamphlet assignments and going over basic math and reading comprehension with elementary and middle school students. Although I was very comfortable with the material I was teaching, I picked up a few different didactic techniques which have come in handy for in-class presentations and even day-to-day explanations.