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I worked on back-end functionality for these forms

I interned at, a web-based startup company which provides a freelancer marketplace, during the summer of 2009 (just after my freshman year at CMU). My primary task during this time was writing, from scratch, an Email Service client in the .NET framework for commercial use. Coming in, I had no .NET experience and very little website development knowledge; however the development team at was able to guide me throughout my internship to help me produce one of my largest professional projects to date.

For an online company, such as, emails are a vital form of communication with the clientele and thus part of the core infrastructure for the company. Developing the entire package used to send out emails at taught me not only about different Web technologies, but also introduced me to the .NET framework and the Visual Studio 2008 software package. Because of the importance of emails to the online service, I developed one of the most in-depth unit testing packages I have written to date. In addition, during my internship I also picked up the basics of using a live company database via Microsoft SQL Server.